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Why does 'The Off-Peak Tax Return System' make sense?

Why does 'The Off-Peak Tax Return System' make sense?

Tax Returns are inevitable. But the struggle is optional.

You can now pre-book your 2017/18 Tax Return via our website for an off-peak price.

Just pop over and select 'Add to Cart'. On a mission to get the nation organised for their Tax Return, we have realised that we don't seem to get more than 24 hours in a day in January, just before the submission deadline (For 2017/18 we would be talking about January 2019). The same applies for the October - December period before.

I  know you may be thinking, that's ages away, and in some respect you are right. But when it comes to Tax Return, the time seem to just magically disappear between the 31st Jan and the next October.

Which is why We have came up with the Off Peak Pricing system.

Just like the train service, if you use it at Off-Peak times or book in advance, you get the best price. And magically, once you have paid for your return, you are a lot more likely to take action on time on the rest of the tasks that go with it, such as filling out an income-expenditure and getting additional documents located and submitted.

We have implemented this on a small scale in 2017 first, and 'back by popular demand' we are now geared for the challenge properly, to enable more and more people to have their return done and dusted by the July School Holidays of 2018.

Allowing you to utilise the gap between when you can (6th April 2018) and when you Have to (31st January 2019) submit your Self Assessment Tax Return and Pay Your Tax Due. This will not only leave you a peace of mind to enjoy a 'guilt-free summer' but also puts you in the know about what tax (if any) is due for you to pay by January 2019 as early as April 2018-July 2018.

This is up to a 6-9 month advantage compared to the majority people in your shoes who will only start submitting their information in October and perhaps not even pay for their Tax Return filing service until past January 2019.

The places are limited though and not only the prices are going up each quarter for the 2017/18 Tax Return (See The Price Calendar), this year we expect to sell out these options by April 2018.

We have more hands on desk this year for this opportunity, but we are still very small,

so go ahead and grab the best price either today (31-12-2017) for £59.95

or in the next quarter (01-01-2018 - 31-03-2018) for £69.95

The Price Calendar

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